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John Cleese

Not Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy X/X2 Remastered Edition is now out for the PS3. The PS2 hit from 2001, also defined as my childhood, is back and downloading at this very moment. It’s good to know that the games we know and love never die. Once it gets up and running, I’ll keep you posted.

"Death awaits you!"


Guide for Sorcerers - PVE - Dark Souls 2

This is what my sorcerer is looking like to hit New Game Plus, also a base guide for aspiring casters.

SL 154

Vgr - 20 - Most bosses will one shot a sorc on ng+, no point in having much health anyway.

End - 18 - A bit more than default, allows more rolling and casts. Cloranthy Ring helps a ton.

Vit - 5 - You should never have issues with weight as a sorc

Atn - 50 - Attunement is the 2nd most important stat for a sorc. Not only at 50 do you have 8 base slots, but it also increases your casting speed AND agility. Vital. You could go to 75 for 10 slots if you like, but your Faith/Vigor/Endurance would take a hit or you’d be less likely to co-op or pvp as your level would increase. Also, best of all, increases number of casts.

Str and Dex - 18 -Minimum for the Moonlight Greatsword. Enough said.

Adp - 8 - We don’t need it that high since Attunement helps agility, depends on your playstyle.

Int - 56 - No brainer, Intelligence is most important for a sorc. Really, you could easily get away with a lower Intelligence since Simpleton’s spice are abundant enough to lower Unleash Magic and Soul Geyser. After 50 your Magic attack increases will drop significantly. Also increases cast speed.

Fth - 18 - If you use NO hexes, Faith is actually more or less optional. But it also increases Pyromancies, so it’s good for those encounters where enemies are magic resistant. Also increases cast speed.

Right hand - Pyro glove +10, Magic Staff of Wisdom +5 (CANNOT cast HEXES, so replace with Sunset Staff if you’re a hexer), Moonlight Greatsword +5 (bonfire ascetic on Freja)

Left hand -Random catalyst for Crystal Magic Weapon, Llewellyn Shield +5 (although your shield will change or be taken off completely depending on the situation).

Rings - (also situational) Cloranthy and Clear Bluestone are a must, upgraded versions recommended greatly, Southern Ritual Band for more slots, and one random ring for variational purposes. Usually a resistance of some kind or steel protection, maybe Third Dragon Ring in a pinch.

Armor - Lion Mage Armor, Cuffs, and Skirt all +10 (cast speed explosion), and Black Hood (although this can change if you need more clots, more casts, etc.)

Spells - Great Heavy Soul Arrow as base, Soul Spear, Soul Greatsword (great for swarms), Crystal Soul Weapon for the melees, Flame Swathe for incredible damage, same with Forbidden Sun, and Soul Geyser (Boss killer).

Last tips - Farm the Soul Geyser from the Shrine of Amana (Guardian Dragon) a few times for those tricky boss fights. Sucks in PvP though.

Bonfire Ascetic on Freja once, maybe twice. Moonlight Greatsword and Crystal Soul Spear.

With low Vitality, fast rolling with all this equipment is impossible, but be smart. For the ancient dragon, unequip the shields. You’ll die all the same without it.

Keep your shield up, but dodge like a bitch. Most melee attacks in NG+ WILL one or two shot you.

Unleash Magic is awesome for bosses since you’ll get one-shotted anyway.

That’s about it! Any questions ask them, I may alter this as the game is patched or a find better and more efficient methods. Also, this is primarily a PVE build, I’ll do a pvp one later. 

End of Dark Souls 2

Well, finished up Dark Souls 2 yesterday. Really it was too much to talk about. Several of the bosses were fairly simple, others were a pain. But it got done. Nashandra was an aesthetically awesome final boss, but being a caster she was more or less easy. I’m sure melee may have a more difficult time.

Spent the rest of the night finding every spell, hex, pryo, and miracle possible in New Game and every trophy possible. Killed Darklurker and Ancient Dragon, the latter being a bitch unless you have ungodly health.

Trophy-wise all I am missing is the 4 for obtaining all spells, hexes, etc. and getting Lucatiel’s weapon. She fell on the Smelter Demon, so I missed that chance early on. But on my NG+ run or another character I’ll know what to expect.

I can get the Hex and Sorcery trophy on NG+, but the Pyro and Miracles will have to wait until NG+2. One of each require either rank three with Brotherhood of Blood/Blue Sentinels respectively OR can be bought NG+2. Fyi, rank three requires 500 successful invasion for blood. Yeah, no. 

Anyway, I will continue to play obviously. More challenges and such ahead. Also need to make a pure pvp character as well. I’ll post later about my exact spec, equipment, etc for my sorcerer later.

Demons Frogs and Tolling Bells

More Dark Souls. The Castle was a bit annoying for a caster. Crossbows and such. But, once you get to the two Dragonriders they more or less vanish. Get a little further, The Looking Glass Knight fight. What a surprise when his shield REFLECTED A SOUL SPEAR IN MY FACE. But, luckily he didn’t summon anyone in to rape me.

Next the Shrine, more or less straightforward, but homing soul arrow casters are all over the place. Have high magic resistance. Demon of Songs was rather…creepy, but not overly difficult. Light armor melees may have a slight issue.

Get into the Undead Crypt, one of the shortest zones so far. Hollows running around are very weak, but let them ring a bell and sorceress/pyromancers come out of everywhere to destroy you. Velsadt was a lot of fun, especially since his weapon is a giant ass bell on a stick. Hunchback of Notre Dame on steroids.

Tomorrow I take the path to Dragon Shrine. THE STAFF OF WISDOM AWAITS! Yuna would be proud.

ps- My prediction was correct, PS severs hit 100 million deaths in 2 weeks of release. All the deaths.